You don't know what's in my heart


You don't know what's in my heart

A virtual reality "music video" for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, made with the Unity game engine, Google Poly, and various assets.

I spend most of my time these days developing a VR animation studio called Flipside, so this was an attempt to fuse my two interests together and also try a few experiments in making music more interactive and experiential through VR.

The song explores the theme of inner vs outer space, and how that barrier prevents us from ever really knowing one another. The imagery includes themes of drifting in space, constellations, radio communications, and how the curiosity of looking outwards into such a vast space inherently turns your attention inward, all in a sort of snow globe like environment.

The moons form a constellation between the spatialized audio of each musical part, connected also to the listener/viewer's hands. As you move closer to each part, they become more or less prominent in the music.



I'll never know where you go in your mind,
Just like we can't cross the infinite distance between our skin.
We're ever approaching, but we'll never get in.
That's why I can't know what's behind those eyes.

You don't know what's in my heart.
This may be love that we're tearing apart.
Or is it just that we're playing our parts?
'Cause you don't know what's in my heart.



A song about the John Titor hoax, from the perspective of a member of the Time Travel Institute online forum where he posted.

Note that the original username TimeTravel_0 was changed to timetraveler1 to fit the lyric timetraveler1, you had me at "I'm from the future".


2:30 Friday night.
Been logged in since
I first got home from work.
Pushing at the waist,
I'm feeling some distaste,
for what, I can't be certain.

But I'm hanging by some
random forum thread.
These late nights
they get into my head.
And lately I can't sleep
without the light on.

But timetraveler1,
you had me at "I'm from the future"
so please make me believe in anything,
even though I know it's not true.



Gentle like a giant.
Machine gun snare drum quiet,
don't you make a move.
Nobody's selling out these old rooms.
Nobody cares like we do,
for these sacred places of our own.

All us weirdos and amateur
steganographers, waxing so political.
Beneath the freezing air we stir,
like fragile stars colliding.
Each coming in and out of being,
to offer up its hymn for her.

We stumble all the way home.
Your apartment's closer than mine.
We talk of making changes,
of the evolution of a life.
Can't ever seem to leave, us two.
Why can't we make up our minds?

(Because despite our loathing,
we cling to these division lines.)

Because we've always been this place.
Because we've always been here.
Because long after they've forgotten all our names,
we'll still be howling through these plains.
Shine on, aurora,
no one seems to notice any more.

How many degrees it dips below,
or people do you know from GC?
Winnipeg can kill you, so
we plan our changes in degrees.
As cautiously, you slip out
to warm the car before we leave.

Because we've always been here.
Because we've always been here.
Because we've always been here.
Because we've always been here.